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A dryer is a home appliances technology that removes moisture from clothes, bedding, and other textiles in no time after the clothes are washed in a washing machine. Still, if you face any problem with your dryer machine, this will waste a lot of time. If you try to fix it yourself, you may find yourself in a difficult situation, So call a professional dryer repair or tumble dryer repair specialist in Dubai. RBD Repair is one of the most reputable home appliances repair companies in Dubai that has provided services for many years in Dubai. Our dryer repair specialists are experienced and authorized by the service center and to repair all brands of dryers. Contact our team and book an appointment for dryer repair in Dubai. We guarantee you that we will repair your dryer machine efficiently and quickly. RBD Home Appliances repair experts can repair both commercial and residential appliances in Dubai.

Our Dryer repair specialists are authorized and certified, So they will know the best solution to resolve the issue.

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We provide you quality work

RBD Repair offer 90 days warranty on each and every work.

  • It offers a comprehensive benefits package for every work.
  • In just one call you can book your brand's Dryer machine servicing at your scheduled time.
  • RBD Repair always tries to offer excellent service at a fair price.
  • Creative and quality service is most important
  • 99% Server Up-time gurantee
  • 24/7 live support

Our Dryer Repairing Professionals

Our Professionals are very devoted. Our professionals are also skilled and always try their best to fulfill customer demands. Our 24/7 hour services amazed the customers that we are every time to pick up the call and ready to work. Our services are very affordable and reliable and we offer quality every time in every repair. So the customer's trust in us increases day by day. We offer guaranteed to repair and offer in time repairing.

Dryer Repair Dubai

Affordable Dryer Repair Service in Dubai 056 227 0856

Do not worry if your Dryer operates inconsistently because RBD Repair Services can assist you. Our highly qualified and experienced specialists will complete your job quickly and carefully handle your Dryer.  RBD Repair Services is the most acceptable option for comprehensive servicing and repair services. We also offer a list of typical dryer signs that will help you learn more about your Dryer. Additionally, getting in touch with us is not difficult at all. All you need to do is schedule an appointment using our phone number, describe the signs your appliance is showing, and we'll help you troubleshoot the issue promptly and affordably. All of our services and components come with a guarantee.

RBD Repair Dubai offers a wide variety of home appliances repairing and our dryer repair service is highly appreciated in Dubai. We offer quality and professional dryer repair services in Dubai at very affordable rates. Moreover, we also guarantee our work for the same issue in near future. Sometimes there are minor issues with your appliance than our company just resolve the issue without wasting customers time and money. Sometimes there are big and major issues with the appliance then we take the appliance to our workshop and after repairing return it to the customer as soon as possible with prior notification to the customer.

We are serving for almost 15 years in Dubai. R. B. D Repair in Dubai is known for the best and affordable dryer repairing service. Thousands of customers are satisfied with us. And we always provide Quality Services to our customers. We never charge too much for the service. We care about the customer and charge a nominal amount. For repairing we offer guaranteed services if you need Dryer Machine repair in Dubai then you should call us.

You can call us and WhatsApp us at 056 227 0856.

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We Repair the Following Dryer Machines

  • Gas and Electric Dryers
  • Vented Dryers
  • Condenser Dryer
  • Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

You can call us and WhatsApp us at 056 227 0856.

Common Dryer Problems

The Dryer Won't Turn On

Most people use dryers regularly, loading their clothing and turning them on. What happens if your Dryer won't turn on when you attempt to use it? Contacting experts, in this case, is the first thing you need to do (RBD Repair).

When these experts arrive, they will examine various things to identify the root of this issue. When a scenario like this arises, an expert in appliance repair will examine the Dryer's circuit breaker first. This breaker will promptly turn off if a power surge has triggered it.

Other problems that might cause a dryer to not turn on include a malfunctioning dryer door switch or a broken power line.

Excessive Noise is One of the Most Common Dryer Problems

The slides may be damaged if the Dryer is creating a pounding sound. Most dryers are equipped with glides, which are little plastic pieces in front of the drum. These glides will deteriorate and break with time, resulting in excessive noise issues.

A specialist in appliance repair will also inspect the condition of the Dryer's blower wheel and drum support roller while attempting to identify the source of this noise. If one of these components is broken, a professional can quickly replace them.

Clothing is Still Wrinkled When It Comes Out of the Dryer

The problem is caused by you fitting too many clothes into the washer at once. It is also possible to adjust the settings of the Dryer and washer you're using. If you do these steps but the issue persists, then the Dryer must be fixed. Removing the heating element from the Dryer could be the best option in such a scenario. If the current element isn't providing enough warmth, this can cause problems with wrinkled and wet clothes.

The Dryer Won't Tumble Correctly

A broken belt can cause the Dryer to stop turning. If the belt isn't moving the drum as it should, it will be difficult to dry clothes and keep them clear of wrinkles. Because of the complexity of the process of changing out the belt of a dryer and drum, you'll need to employ professionals to do the task.

In most cases, this issue can result from a stuck motor or damaged support components. The expense of replacing these crucial components is worth it.

The Dryer Isn't Producing Heat

The clothing will still come out wet if there is insufficient Heat, even though you can hear your Dryer swirling the clothes. Check the dryer settings first before calling the experts to identify the issue. These problems might develop if the temperature is not set correctly.

A specialist would often examine the thermal fuse when a dryer isn't producing Heat. Keeping your Dryer from overheating is the goal of this fuse. A dryer won't frequently be able to heat up at all when it breaks.

This problem may also be brought on by the temperature switch on your Dryer's control panel. It is essential to seek professional help before more difficulties begin.

Problems With the Dryer Overheating

If the Dryer starts overheating, then the heats on your Dryer puts out, and It can also damage & small fires in your clothes

One of the potential causes of this heating problem is a malfunctioning thermostat. You and your family will be in danger if you wait too long to hire an expert to solve this issue. This is why you need to act fast to find a professional dryer repair expert in Dubai.

Dryer Repair Parts that RBD Repair Can Provide:

Fuses, Idler pulleys, Heating coils, Temperature switches, Blower fan blade, Door catch, Door strike, Door switch, Drive belt, Drive motor, Drum, Drum glide bearing, Drum support roller kit, Electronic control board, Drum glide bearing, Drum support roller kit, Electronic control board, Felt drum seal, Flame Sensor, Gas valve coil kit, Heater relay, Heating element, High-limit safety thermostat, Idler pulley, Idler pulley bracket, Idler pulley tension spring, Igniter, Motor relay, Timer, Thermistor, Thermal fuse, Thermal cut-off fuse, Operating thermostat, Power cord, etc.

We Repair the Following Dryer Brands

General Electric, Samsung, LG Electronics, Roper Industries, Bosch, Electrolux, Maytag, Hotpoint, Kitchen Aid, Magic Chef, RCA, Amana Corporation, Fagor, Miele, Haier, etc.

Why Choose Our Dryer Repair Specialist?

Upfront Pricing

When our dryer repair technician thoroughly diagnoses your problem, it will give you a complete estimate to repair it. (No hidden Charges) All the prices are upfront

Same Day & Next Day Service

We are providing same-day dryer repair service and emergency repairing in Dubai. We are a large group of home appliances, So we will arrive at your location on time.

Expert Dryer Repair

Since each expert has years of experience servicing all major brands, you can rest easy knowing that they will fix your appliance correctly.

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